Systemic, Non-linear approaches for Trend Analysis and Forecasting

TalosAI is an intellectual framework & tool-set for providing actionable Communications Intelligence (COMINT). The exponential increase of human knowledge, and the acceleration of its application through Artificial Intelligence, is propelling humanity towards a new era of discovery. Security, society, science, economics, are converging at the intersection of risk and opportunity. Complexity and unpredictability beyond our past experience characterize the challenges at hand.

Policy Makers

Providing timely, evidence-based, and actionable information for Government Leaders and Policy Makers.

Business Leaders

Assisting the private sector in optimizing risk and collateral management, market monitoring, and trend awareness.


Enabling deep research on the identification, modelling, measurement, valuation, and monitoring of key global indicators.

Intelligence Community

Providing exclusive COMINT and Situational Awareness to IC professionals on complex developments taking place around the world.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms for Predictive Analysis

Situational awareness requires information and intelligence which can shape government policy, affect law and legislation, reveal abuses, empower civil society, and encourage business participation.
Using Big Data repositories and information sources such as Google Big Query, CIA World Factbook, Google News, Yahoo Finance, PR Newswire, Google Scholar, GDELT, Grants.Gov, ScienceOpen, Google Scholar, Core, BMC, and Goggle Trends, TalosAI identifies trends, and potential geopolitical problems of particular interest.

Real-Time Deep Dive Analysis

“Think” More Efficiently. ACT More Precisely.

As the world becomes more interconnected, and decision-makers are exposed to more data and information and their effects on public and private sector organizations of all sizes, the intelligence and analytical tools needed to adapt to changing circumstances have increased in importance.
TalosAI uses a complex knowledge base of geopolitical issues categorized in meta categories (ECONOMY, DEFENSE, SOCIETY, POLITICAL, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, INTELLIGENCE, AND FINANCIALS/MARKETS). Big Data is collected, filtered, and categorized according to the knowledge base.


For Companies, Researchers, and Risk Assessors, TalosAI provides deep global and regional situational awareness and an opportunity to measure how shifts in key indicators may impact an organization, this, in turn, can assist in mitigating risks to a company-acceptable level. The system helps manage risk about market entry, the recruitment of personnel, and how to respond to unexpected developments. TalosAI key indicators can also be identified and tracked to monitor changes that could override the company’s underlying strategic assumptions or open up new strategic opportunities and perspectives.


Using TalosAI, Governments can develop risk scenarios thereby becoming more resilient to internal and external stimuli and pressures. It offers government clients country risk analyses for assessing and understanding geopolitical events to reduce exposure to events that can affect conditions within their governed area. Effective government strategies require identifying trend indicators, including information and media metrics, as well as leading and lagging economic indicators. TalosAI also helps examine whether deeper trends – including the speed at which trends develop – can help to anticipate and explain the impact of changes in the economy, the political, social, and economic environment, or geopolitical events.

Predictive Analysis for Situational Awareness and Threat Assessments

Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning Protocols, and Big Data repositories such as Google Big Query, CIA World Factbook, Google News, Yahoo Finance, PR Newswire, Google Scholar, GDELT, Grants.Gov, ScienceOpen, Google Scholar, Core, BMC, and PubMed, TalosAI enables researchers, policymakers, and international affairs professional to identify trends, and potential geopolitical problems of particular interest.

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